Environmental Surveys

Protecting the Future

Monitor wells are small diameter wells that provide access to aquifers that hold groundwater. Depending on the type of environmentally sensitive projects in the area, these wells are strategically placed in order to physically access these aquifers. By obtaining access to the groundwater, water quality samples and water level data can be taken to be analyzed and measured. Some examples of areas where this might occur would be where a chemical spill occurred, where industrial storage tanks were installed, or farm lands where contaminants can permeate into the groundwater system. Working in conjunction with environmental engineers, Terrane will provide staking of the proposed well locations and then will survey the as-built locations of the wells. Our data will include horizontal and vertical locations of the well casings and lids. Exhibits in PDF and CAD formats are typically delivered depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Why Terrane?

Our company success allows us to continue to build specialized teams and processes specifc to survey type that allow us greater flexibility to serve you efficiently and effectively. Our team is comprised of skilled and dedicated surveying professionals that provide quality work while adding quantifiable value.