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Legal Description & Map Exhibit


A legal description and map exhibit are used for land titles to recognize a definable or metes-and-bounds area over a portion of property to be designated for a specific use or conveyance.

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A topographic survey is the representation of real world, 3D characteristics of a property. This survey is comprised of site data and elevation points (spot elevations) on a portion of land and presents them as contour lines on a drawing to show the shape, configuration, and relief of the surface. A contour line represents the heights of the land. A topographic survey collects vertical (and horizontal) information of the natural and improved (man-made) features of the property, noting elevations on each element.

The survey shows the location, size, and height of these site improvements, as well as gradual changes in elevation (typically in two-foot contour intervals). Topographic surveys are typically used to show elevations and grading features for design and site planning for homeowners, architects, engineers, builders, contractors and other professionals.

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An ALTA survey is a visual representation of what is contained within a title report for a property. A title report can be hundreds of pages of legal descriptions of the property, easements or encumbrances on the property, encroachments, and liens. It’s a running list of everything that has happened or affects a certain piece of land.

In addition to completing a thorough Boundary Survey and locating any improvements or possible encroachments along the boundaries, we also locate the building(s) and other improvements, including roads, walkways, parking, and visible utilities.

Once we have created this aerial image (sometimes literally using a drone) of the property, we then overlay any easements that affect the property, usually related to ingress-egress and utilities entering and leaving the site. There is also an option to incorporate zoning information on the survey to make sure the property is in compliance with current zoning regulations.

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A Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) is an official amendment to an effective National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) map, which is issued as a letter to the homeowner after review and approval by FEMA. If issued, the LOMA letter can provide your insurance company proof that your property is at a lower risk of flooding than the original NFIP map indicates, which equates to a lower insurance premium for you.

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