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FAA Certifications (1A & 2C)


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires cellular and broadcast towers to have their positions certified by a surveyor licensed to work in the state where the project is located. The difference between a 1A and 2C is positional accuracy. A 1A is required to be accurate within 20 feet horizontally and three feet vertically, while a 2C is 50 feet horizontally and 20 feet vertically. The jurisdiction of the project will generally determine the level of accuracy required, although some wireless carriers and tower builders require higher accuracy regardless of location.

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Construction staking encompasses all aspects of survey layout for new development. Survey grade construction staking is needed for foundations, utilities, and any other constructed elements that require precise placement.

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A boundary survey for a telecommunications site requires research into historical records to locate the boundary of the parent parcel for a potential wireless site. Plotting easements and items disclosed by a title report can aid in avoiding conflicts for the proposed site location. This can include topographic information for the entire parcel, or a specific location as required by the carrier or jurisdiction.

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Telecom As-Built Surveys can range from verifying a fully-constructed project against the design drawings to creating an exhibit of an existing pole for feasibility pre-design.

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Small cell projects that utilize existing utility or light poles located in or near an existing Right-of-Way often require a survey exhibit showing the location as it relates to the right of way or parcel boundary. This can also include topographic and as-built information when required for design.

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An ALTA survey is a visual representation of what is contained within a title report for a property. A title report can be hundreds of pages of legal descriptions of the property, easements or encumbrances on the property, encroachments, and liens. It’s a running list of everything that has happened or affects a certain piece of land.

In addition to completing a thorough Boundary Survey and locating any improvements or possible encroachments along the boundaries, we also locate the building(s) and other improvements, including roads, walkways, parking, and visible utilities.

Once we have created this aerial image (sometimes literally using a drone) of the property, we then overlay any easements that affect the property, usually related to ingress-egress and utilities entering and leaving the site. There is also an option to incorporate zoning information on the survey to make sure the property is in compliance with current zoning regulations.

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A legal description and map exhibit are used for land titles to recognize a definable or metes-and-bounds area over a portion of property to be designated for a specific use or conveyance.

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