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Time. Distance. Imagination.

We are the measure.

As land surveyors, our business is the measurement of space: the essential linchpin in spatial development and improvements for public, private, and residential sectors. There is zero margin for error. But precision is just the beginning.

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What We Do

We don’t just love what we do. We love what you do. We have a deep appreciation and love for custom builds, infrastructure, the future of telecommunications, and homeowners building DADUs in their backyards.

We offer an effective and efficient field crew, expert licensed surveyors, and a knowledgeable and responsive communications team. All you have to do is order your survey. We take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

With a database containing over 25 years of surveys in Washington, we leverage every piece of knowledge we have into a suite of custom applications that help inform us about your specific property or area.

We have proprietary technology that covers things like deeply detailed product management, geographically optimized scheduling, and even a map of all of our past surveys we’ve ever done, complete with jurisdiction-sourced mapping layers.

Terrane | Being


  • Love for DESIGN.

    We value the countless design decisions that it takes to make something special.

  • RESPECT for the climb.

    We deeply appreciate the effort in time, energy, and skill it takes to bring a project/dream to life.

  • Dedication to the COMMUNITY.

    We love the Puget Sound region and recognize our responsibility for its thriving future.

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Ready to take your career to the next level?

Terrane: not just a place where you work, a place where you grow.

Autonomy. Collaboration. Innovation.

Become part of the measure.

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We’re always on the pursuit of better ways of Being, Thinking, Doing, and Working. If we’re not making progress, we’re not doing it right.

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