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Our Process Measure of

Communication. Customization. Attention to detail. Our process is dialed from start to finish.

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Terrane | Thinking

The Process


Largest survey-only firm in Washington. Tens of thousands of completed projects, and we’re just getting started.


Brick by brick (over a long period of time), we’ve meticulously assembled a world-class team that actually cares.


Custom project management software. Custom scheduling software. Custom mapping database. Custom everything—with one end in mind: exceptional client service.

Process Circles
How We Think




Terrane | Thinking

How We Do It


Step 1


The start of every project will involve foundational project management work that will set the stage for clear scope and expectations. Our project directors, survey managers, project coordinators, and surveyors work together to ensure all details are in place before the project even begins. Our custom CRM software, Prism, helps guarantee a smooth, streamlined process from start to finish.

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Step 2

On the ground,
in the field.

Once we’ve laid our foundation, we’re ready to hit the ground running. At this stage, our field coordinator is busy setting a schedule for the field work based on location and timelines. Our clients are notified at every touchpoint as we progress through the project. Once field work is complete, our project surveyor will determine whether the project will require a record of survey before preparing the drawing.


Step 3

Drawn &

Attention to detail really comes into play as we finalize and deliver our survey drawings. Our survey technician works to Verify Field Data (VFD) by reviewing all points and photographs, ensuring that the data is dialed. Once approved, the data is sent to drafters to complete the drawing. The drawing is given a final review to ensure all pertinent data is included and all revisions have been made. Everything must be precise and reviewed by the experts on our team, including our survey technician, project surveyor, and project director. Once approved, the drawing is ready for final delivery to the client.


Terrane | Drawing the Line


Terrane | We are the Measure

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We’re trusted to survey multi-million dollar projects. We only use the highest quality equipment. Our advanced proprietary technology is in a league of its own.

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