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Our business is the measurement of space: the essential linchpin in spatial development and improvements for public, private, and residential sectors. In an industry where timing and execution are paramount to project success, we are the benchmark for rapid and efficient execution.

There is zero margin for error. But precision is just the beginning.

We measure our success against foundational and interlocking principles:

  • Rapid responsiveness to requests and project needs
  • Effective and meaningful client communications
  • Transparent and transformative partnerships

These principles, backed by the sheer scale of our services, place Terrane as the land surveyor of choice for seasoned developers, designers, architects, and builders.

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What We Offer


    We have the scale, tools, and proven approach to prioritize you, your budget, and your schedule. Ready for speed?


    We provide the clarity and immediacy to rescue you from stress while saving you time and money. Ready for clear, honest, and consistent communication?

  • EASE

    Our experts are equipped with proprietary technology to nail your biggest surveying challenges effortlessly. Ready for easy?

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Terrane | Land Use

Case Studies

Drawing the Line

When getting it done doesn’t have time to wait.

They say the best things come to those who wait. We say the best are too busy getting it done to wait.

At Terrane, we’re busy surveying thousands of projects every year. How? We have it dialed. Our unique resourcing technology streamlines inquiries and scheduling.

We’re diligent about communication. We set the pace, keeping you up to speed on your project. And we never sacrifice quality or courtesy for immediacy, ever.

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“We sure appreciate the value you & your team bring to the table.”

– Steve Leland, Mead Home

What's Your Measure ?

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