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Case Study Maximizing Development of Affordable Housing

Field surveyor.

The Challenge

Our challenge began on-site at a parcel that included several platted lots containing a Community Roots Housing affordable building. The parcel also included a large, underutilized undeveloped area intended to be developed into additional affordable apartments.

Financing and construction phasing challenges required separating the future development area from the existing apartment building.

We devised a solution through a Lot Boundary Adjustment (LBA) recognizing the underlying platted lots. Our thorough survey work and collaboration with stakeholders and the city allowed the LBA to be approved and recorded while retaining the site development constraints applicable to the entire project site.

The establishment of separate parcels allowed the stakeholders to secure necessary financing and development arrangements for the “new” development on-site.

The Results

  • Successfully navigated regulatory constraints and site challenges
  • Significant collaboration that relied on concerted effort by all project stakeholders
  • Underutilized, somewhat constrained site in densely populated part of the city with limited opportunity for increased density and affordable housing options

This project required extensive collaboration and concise documentation. Community Roots Housing secured an expert team for this project, and Terrane’s efforts through the survey work and permitting process contributed to maximizing the development of this site without significant impacts to existing residents.

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“This project required extensive collaboration and concise documentation.”

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