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What it is.

Property Limits

Boundary Surveys are the determination of bearings and distances, computed per a legal description, that define the limits of a tax parcel. Typically, boundary survey aims to set permanent markers, physically on site, at the exterior limits of the parcel per the deeded legal description.

Terrane will then represent the parcel boundary data on a survey drawing, showing lines of occupation, fences, and any encroachments that were mapped along the limits of the property.

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Boundary Surveys

How it Works.

Corner to Corner

For parcel corners, we typically set two-foot rebar pounded flush with the ground with a colored plastic survey cap if the location of the lot corner falls in soil.

If we find an existing rebar, pipe, or other monument indicating the parcel corner, we would locate and note that found point on the survey drawing and place a stake and flagging next to that as well.

If the location of the property corner is obstructed and not accessible (fence post, root, boulder, structure, etc.) OR if there is concern of underground utilities at that location, we may set an offset point on or projected from the property line and reference a distance to the actual corner.

We may also set a nail and survey washer if the calculated corner point falls in concrete or on a hard surface.

We employ only the best talent in land surveying, from onsite surveyors to project managers and operators. We are professionals. Experts. Deeply trained, highly motivated — ready to get the job done.

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Terrane | Land Use Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Why Terrane.

Survey Savants

With over 10,000 completed surveys (where nearly all require the determination of a boundary), we know how to resolve any boundary issues quickly and complete your project on schedule. In general, a boundary survey will be adequate to verify the limits of the parcel for new fencing, basic landscaping, minor improvements, etc., along the property lines.

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