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What it is.

Feature Records

Construction as-builts are the official record drawings of constructed features, mainly required for underground utilities and services. As-built surveys measure the locations and elevations of constructed features to verify compliance with the approved plans and municipal requirements.

Terrane | Construction Surveys

Construction As-Builts

How it Works.

Transposed & Approved

A good as-built or record drawing survey will include all measured elements with the as-built values transposed (or red lined) onto the approved plan set for engineering verification and approval.

We employ only the best talent in land surveying, from onsite surveyors to project managers and operators. We are professionals. Experts. Deeply trained, highly motivated — ready to get the job done.

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Terrane | Construction Surveys

Construction As-Builts

Why Terrane.

Anticipating Needs

Terrane’s office and field crews are specially trained to recognize all elements of construction that will need final as-built approval, often measuring elements before client requests to streamline the final as-built process for inspection.

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