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Surveys FAA Certifications (1A & 2C)

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What it is.

Positional Accuracy

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires cellular and broadcast towers to have their positions certified by a surveyor licensed to work in the state where the project is located. The difference between a 1A and 2C is positional accuracy. A 1A is required to be accurate within 20 feet horizontally and three feet vertically, while a 2C is 50 feet horizontally and 20 feet vertically. The jurisdiction of the project will generally determine the level of accuracy required, although some wireless carriers and tower builders require higher accuracy regardless of location.

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FAA Certifications (1A & 2C)

How it Works.

Jump the Hurdle

The 1A or 2C certification often is the first hurdle in a long line of requirements to get a telecom project completed, so speed and accuracy are key.

1A or 2C certification letters are required on proposed cell tower sites in that they provide the proposed locations coordinates and ground elevation. However, when performing as-built surveys on cell towers, often a 1A or 2C certification letter is requested as a means of verification.

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FAA Certifications (1A & 2C)

Why Terrane.

Adaptable, Responsive

Terrane’s uniquely set up for adaptability and responsiveness. Our proprietary systems and approach to remote data transfer between the field and office allow our turnaround times to be very quick.

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