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What it is.

Redefine Risk

A Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) is an official amendment to an effective National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) map, which is issued as a letter to the homeowner after review and approval by FEMA. If issued, the LOMA letter can provide your insurance company proof that your property is at a lower risk of flooding than the original NFIP map indicates, which equates to a lower insurance premium for you.

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LOMA Application

How it Works.

Mind the Floodplain

LOMAs are usually issued by FEMA because a property has been inadvertently mapped on the NFIP map as being within the floodplain, but in actuality may sit on naturally high ground above the designated base flood elevation. For the LOMA application, the Surveyor needs to indicate the lowest elevation of all structures (the lowest point of a structure touching the ground, including any attached decks or garage), the adjacent ground elevation around all structures, and the lowest ground elevation on the property. The LOMA request can be to simply remove one or more structures from the floodplain, even if a portion of the property is below the base flood elevation, or it can be a request to remove the entire property from the floodplain if all of the property is above the base flood elevation. The collected survey data will tell us what we can apply for.

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LOMA Application

Why Terrane.

Elevated Elevation Data

Terrane has the experience to effectively provide the necessary elevation data to streamline the LOMA/eLOMA application process and reduce audits or corrections from a FEMA review.

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