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Surveys Settlement Monitoring

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What it is.

Tracked Movement

Settlement monitoring is the process of repeated measurements over time to provide evidence of structural movement or settlement during excavation or construction. A survey baseline is set outside of the site zone of influence and optical survey targets are installed on critical features, including the shoring elements, adjacent structures, and ROW features per the project geotechnical engineer requirements.

Terrane | Construction Surveys

Settlement Monitoring

How it Works.

Measure & Repeat

Settlement monitoring should be well organized to anticipate any potential obstructions during construction. Repeatability is essential to precise monitoring, with site surveyors using identical instrumentation and techniques to achieve tolerances of .01’ or better.

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Terrane | Construction Surveys

Settlement Monitoring

Why Terrane.

Assurance Guaranteed

Terrane has elevated the art of optical settlement monitoring with accurate and repeatable results by using standardized procedures and top-tier equipment. Our proprietary monitoring spreadsheet allows precise tracking of any observed movement, providing peace of mind for clients and inspection teams alike.

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