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Field grass.


What it is.

Precise Staking

Shoring walls and elements are often necessary when soils or designs require vertical excavation for construction. Shoring walls may consist of soldier piles and timber lagging, cast-in-place piles, soil nail walls, ecology blocks, or combinations of each. Shoring layout includes precise staking of individual piles and vertical elements before and during continued excavation.

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How it Works.

All Synced

Shoring layout will require close coordination with the drilling and excavation crews, maintaining a regular presence on-site during shoring and excavation activities.

We employ only the best talent in land surveying, from onsite surveyors to project managers and operators. We are professionals. Experts. Deeply trained, highly motivated — ready to get the job done.

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Why Terrane.

Scaled for Support

Terrane has scaled office and field resources in a manner that allows our crews to serve multiple shoring projects in the region with quality layout support during excavation.

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