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Surveys Telecom As-Built Survey

Field grass.


What it is.

A Broad Range

Telecom As-Built Surveys can range from verifying a fully-constructed project against the design drawings to creating an exhibit of an existing pole for feasibility pre-design.

Terrane | Telecom Surveys

Telecom As-Built Survey

How it Works.

Pinpoint Outliers

Recognition and highlighting of anomalies are critical. Clearly showing what is different from the design can aid in a quick review process. For design feasibility, having an exhibit showing everything needed to make a qualified decision on a potential site candidate is key to avoid incorrectly affirming or denying a site’s candidacy.

We employ only the best talent in land surveying, from onsite surveyors to project managers and operators. We are professionals. Experts. Deeply trained, highly motivated — ready to get the job done.

What's Your Measure ?

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Terrane | Telecom Surveys

Telecom As-Built Survey

Why Terrane.

We've Got Range

Having a team with decades of experience in different areas of telecom construction and design allow us to ask the right questions and get the scope of the project right.