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Field surveyor.

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Field surveyor.

The Challenge

After living in the same home for 35 years, our client’s spouse had recently passed away. They were now thinking of selling and wanted to confirm the boundary of their parcel to alleviate any potential issues with the current or future neighbor(s).

Our homeowner was in search of trust during a trying time of loss and pain. They were adjusting to life without their significant other who would have normally handled these matters. Our client was immensely grateful for our work and the thoughtful care that helped them feel supported during such a difficult time.

We pick up the phone. We reply back. We care. Terrane truly strives to give the industry-standard of what customer service should be. It is our responsibility to provide the best experience and help our clients every step of the way.

The Results

  • Gained the trust of a client who had been burned by contractors in the past
  • Provided a sincere and patient approach during our client’s time of need
  • As a thank you, our client (an artist) treated us with a custom tripod graphic for their job file and made a coffee mug for our Director of Architectural Surveys

This boundary survey confirming lot corners and lines of occupation meant so much to our client, who needed our services during a difficult time in their life.

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Drawing the Line

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We Are the Measure

“From the very first contact on my part, you were so kind, understanding, and patient. That struck me as unusual, and [was] my kind of person & company to do business with. As we communicated more and more, I realized it was REAL and I, being beat down, emotional, and alone, had finally found someone I could trust!”

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