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Field surveyor.

Case Study Communication Mitigates Mistakes

Field surveyor.

The Challenge

The scope of this project was to provide a 1A certification for an existing monopole. The client provided drawings showing the proposed design to be added to the existing monopole. When comparing the drawings to the satellite view of the property, we noticed that there were multiple monopoles located very close together when there was only one shown in a slightly different location on the drawings.

We reached out to the client to figure out why there was a discrepancy and, we determined which monopole was intended for their design. The two poles were similar and, the drawings more closely matched the location of the monopole not intended for their design. If we had not contacted the client, we would have likely surveyed the incorrect monopole.

The Results

  • Thoroughly reviewed site using the tools at our disposal
  • Recognized challenges upfront, thus avoiding site revisits and delay in delivery
  • Proved communication is paramount in any project

Communication is the key to our success both internally and externally. We’ll take a 10-minute pre-project phone call over a delayed delivery date any day.

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“Communication is the key to our success both internally and externally.”

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