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Case Study Survey Puzzle, Solved

Field surveyor.

The Challenge

The project? A boundary and Environmentally Critical Area (ECA) topographic survey for new SFR construction. The problem? The project parcel was in an extremely difficult survey area and carried a complicated legal description for boundary computing. The solution? We completed extensive research within the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) records and supplemental City of Seattle Field Book research to recover necessary information. This helped determine bearing and distances for resolving the boundary calculations against the legal description.

Utilizing the recovered records, we determined the necessary controlling monuments needed for the basis of bearing. We dug up buried monuments in the field while our survey manager ensured needs were met to establish necessary survey control and determine the boundary.

The Results

  • Resolved boundary that could have delayed project considerably
  • Delivered clean boundary and full ECA topographic survey on time
  • Used deep understanding of recovering required monuments for resolution of legal boundary, ensuring the project’s success

Our extensive experience and research capabilities allow us to solve survey puzzles and get your project done on time.

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“Our extensive experience and research capabilities allow us to solve survey puzzles and get your project done on time.”

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