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Case Study Tight Turnaround, Big Results

Field surveyor.

The Challenge

On a Friday morning, we received a panicked email from a great client on a tight timeline. Miscommunication between acquisition partners of a property resulted in a last-minute need for a survey, and we wanted to do everything we could to help. After checking schedules and offering a bonus to our field crew to work over the weekend, we were able to schedule the survey and deliver on Tuesday as promised.

We were so successful on this project because of our proprietary Atlas software and mapping application, which allows us to access records of survey quickly and easily to determine how difficult the boundary will be to calculate. This, combined with the willingness of the team to knock it out of the park over the weekend, made this challenging project a success.

The Results

  • Avoided a due diligence extension and delivered a last-minute survey request on time
  • Geo software and mapping application allowed quick and easy access to records of survey
  • A seemingly impossible ask turned into a win and a loyal customer for years to come

Sometimes we have to move quickly, but moving mountains for our clients helps keep us at the top of their list.

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We Are the Measure

“We were so successful on this project because of our proprietary touch Geo software and mapping application.”

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