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Cycle Time in Construction

What is cycle time and, how does it relate to construction surveying? Cycle time, according to mainstream Lean and Agile standards, is the amount...




Data is our jam. At Terrane, we track pretty much everything. From logging drafting and field hours on every project to real-time locations of each...



Helping the Housing Crisis

There is a housing crisis affecting the US, more specifically, the Puget Sound region. Homes of all shapes and sizes are seeing incredibly low...

Robust Process & Methodology Ensures Success Featured Image
  • Land Use Case Study

Robust Process & Methodology Ensures Success

Our job for this project was to assist stakeholders in developing three existing adjacent parcels to the maximum extent allowable under code while enabling a phased development scheme....

Tight Turnaround, Big Results Featured Image
  • Commercial Case Study

Tight Turnaround, Big Results

On a Friday morning, we received a panicked email from a great client on a tight timeline. Miscommunication between acquisition partners of a property resulted in a last-minute need for a survey, and we wanted to do everything we could to help....

Survey Puzzle, Solved Featured Image
  • Residential Case Study

Survey Puzzle, Solved

The project? A boundary and Environmentally Critical Area (ECA) topographic survey for new SFR construction. The problem? The project parcel was in an extremely difficult survey area and carried a complicated legal description for boundary computing....

Limited Topo Exhibits in Limited Time Featured Image
  • Telecom Case Study

Limited Topo Exhibits in Limited Time

The scope of this project was to provide 1A certifications and limited topography exhibits for 70 locations throughout the city of Redmond. The client wanted all sites delivered by the end of the year, giving us 27 days during the holiday season....

Surveys & Service Build Trust Featured Image
  • Residential Case Study

Surveys & Service Build Trust

After living in the same home for 35 years, our client’s spouse had recently passed away. They were now thinking of selling and wanted to confirm the boundary of their parcel to alleviate any potential issues with the current or future neighbor(s)....

Creativity & Collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Featured Image
  • Land Use |
  • Residential Case Study

Creativity & Collaboration with Habitat for Humanity

The challenge of this project was to devise a way to split an existing unit lot containing two separate single-family structures into two fee-simple unit lots without compromising the original subdivision and the other eight residential unit lots....

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